Kia Fathertism – Part 1 (2013)

Kia Fathertism – Part 2 (2013)

I’ve been type-cast as the sleeping husband in this one too.

BWS (2013)

I’m unrecognisable as the sleeping husband.

RAC Insurance (2010)

I’m the one who can’t drive.

UBank Usaver (2009)

I am the guy who pays the bill.

McDonalds – Setting the Table (2008)

I ate like 60 burgers that day

I'm the guy on the right

VB Talking Boonie (2005)

This is another TVC I featured in for the Talking Boonie campaign (Dec 05)

I am the guy on the couch #2

Hahn Super Dry (2007)

This is another beer TVC I feature in

I'm the guy pulling the weird faces at the table

Cathay Pacific (2008)

I feature in this TVC as the Tailor's assistant (the guy carrying all the material)

Life Line (2008)

This is a TVC I did for charity

I featured as Superman

suoerhero's need caffeine too

Kanton Noodles (2006)

This was a TVC for Kanton that I featured in during Big Brother 06

I have been type cast as the guy on the couch

McCain’s Woodfire Pizza (2005)

This was a TVC I did in 2005 for McCains

I am the caveman.

ABC2 Promo – Digital Set Top Box (2006)

This is a TVC I was in for the ABC2 (2006)

I am the presenter.
It was mainly improvised and I didn't get to keep the set top box 🙁